The Story Behind The Story

I recall, a thousand years ago, I’d just returned from Vietnam, messed up big time and completely alone. My self declaration of “freedom” had launched me into a lofty atmosphere of dreams and a feeling of destiny was so overpowering that it proved difficult to walk among other mortals. Not that I revered myself as “better than others,” I just knew I wasn’t playing on the same exact field as others. I felt like an alien, no home, no purpose, no leadership yet destined. A very strange place to abide. I’d rode with some outlaw bikers right after the war and was into drugs so much so that my mind was a type of Disneyland.

After several months of dangerous fairy tale living. I was worse off than ever. I decided to make my own set of colors and ride as a lone nomad. Thinking and pondering all biker type avenues I might take, evaluation my war experiences and the fact that I’d lost my right eye. I sat at my mother’s kitchen table with a sketch pad and there they came, like words from beyond – The Blind Angel. THEY FIT LIKE A GLOVE. That day I truly became the original Blind Angel. 

Death Card
12/28/13 – The feeling of being a messenger and having no idea what the message was haunted me throughout the many long years of toil, anger and frustration. Fact is, I had no idea what I was angry about or what I was frustrated with. I was just pissed off at the world, supposedly without a reason. As I matured and hardened lights begin to come on in my attic, if you get my drift. A figurative image of-sorts, like a cocoon started to open. I had finally escaped my walk through the valley of the shadow of death, or so I thought. College and the years following were somewhat of a break from danger and disaster. As my conscious started piecing the puzzle of life together “in my attic” things became much cleared. It was as if a base camp for future conflicts was being assembled within my soul. Lights came on big-time. The messenger was formulating the message, and it was a harsh one. (come back for more:))


The Blind Angel


With an infinite wingspan of fate He sojourns the roadways of providence searching for the objective He knows His Creator has designed for Him to obtain. Never knowing the exact moment of His descent He lingers in the hourglass of grey scale flight. Awaiting!
As wisdom builds within His fortified soul His discernment of His hour beckons to the innate knowing of fate. As a weary wing lingers in a corridor of darkness, struggling for freedom, as danger lures and lurks to draw Him from His appointed moment He spends His timing, awaiting.
He reckons with thoughts of failure and brokenness as His armor thickens and He grows in power and understanding. Realizing an eternal moment is soon to be His He flies helplessly in any effort to contend with time, with His Maker. As the cocoon of aimless adventure peels away His youthfulness and wraps His wings with arrows of gold, fire, and power, He finds Himself awaiting.
With a war-ravaged mind of eternal combat the intravenous spirit of conflict feeds His spirit with bitterness and anger, yet growing. Seeing and understanding the darkness He stands in corridors of destiny, hurting and torn. He knows, beyond all else there lies within Him a depth of unfinished business. Struggling within, He awaits.
Never fully grasping, never completely knowing, He is driven. The blindness that fate dealt to Him has brought brokenness beyond measure. He knows only that soon, in a single day He will descent upon the darkness with infinite force of revelation and change. For good, for purpose, for mankind, He awaits.
Soon dear world, soon. Enjoy until He arrives, while the Blind Angel is content to await… HE IS COMING !!

The Bad Boy Emerges, WHY?

Paul's head shots 031 There is a mythological creature with the power of connectivity like no other; the Bad Boy. Where does such a unique character emerge? Having lived in such a forum for years I can only evaluate from my distinct revelation of experience. How is such a spirit created, or is this spirit always been in the individual simply awaiting its emergence in history? Let’s get started evaluating this creature of awe and mystery.
Individually, people are raised in a variety of circumstances. Each creature is secretly looking for something. What exactly they don’t know. So they simply go about their lives. One night at a supper-club, at a nightclub or at a gathering in a particular public place, in walks the Bad Boy. Something you just can’t put your finger on, reaches out from the Bad Boy and grabs you, like a mystical hook. The evening continues as both parties go about their business. Suddenly everything changes, they’ve made “eye contact.” The hook has been set. Now what? The mystic of the Bad Boy strays from him like a low fog creeping in from the sea.
As a friend confronted me with this idea I felt challenged to reveal, as best I could, the underlying face of the Bad Boy. The Genuine Bad Boy (some try to fake it) may have a very successful lifestyle, in fact most Bad Boys have it together in the lives. There is very simply an aura that engulfs the Bad Boy, it’s not some conjured up potion of purchased charm bracelet, he truly has the Bad Boy persona, and often “knows” he has it. That knowledge is, in itself, a ticket to the danger-zone. And, usually he has an extra ticket for that special someone he probably hasn’t discovered yet. One of Bad Boy’s unusual qualities is his innate desire to brush with danger, even death. Usually, from my experience, The Bad Boy is fearless, almost nothing threatens him and he’s not easily intimidated; He’s the intimidator. Amazing as it may sound, this fearless, cool Sir:), will go out of his way to help others, generally a soft-hearted individual; his life has taught him gentleness and warmth. Crazy huh??
The Bad Boy is by no means from mythology, he’s VERY REAL.
Here’s the fascination in the mystery of the birth of Bad Boy. A cool, intelligent Lady wondering about the other side of her world. Let’s say it’s an itch in her spirit person that never needs scratching until she makes her first connection with the Bad Boy. The more intimate the two seem to become the more severe the itching becomes, IN BOTH PARTIES. Shamelessly, one could not exist without the other, seemingly. There could be no Bad Boy if not for the itching heart of the beautiful Woman. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about a DNA match. Suddenly there’s a donor; scary stuff huh. I love it!!
The beautiful Lady steps into the picture. She’s successful, well mannered with a generous heart, yet, oftentimes with a somewhat stern upbringing. She could go to the fence of excitement and see the playground but the faint echos of parental caution vibrates within her mind and she feels restrained to cross the fence into the unknown, the mysterious world of Ooow/Aaaa. Stepping away from the fence she feels a vague emptiness, an emptiness that perpetually calls to her. As her life branches out into her own flavor of living she begins to brush shoulders with the ultimate Bad Boy. The awesome, handsome gentleman with danger under one arm and mystery under the other, suddenly steps into her life. The beautiful Lady begins to blush and feel warmth all over her body, inside and out. It’s a chemistry which needs that other particular very rare ingredient to mix with the other ingedients. ELECTRIC/SHOCKING – what a combination. Both parties feel excited, fulfilled and charged-up. Thereafter, every time they meet, whether purposely or accidentially, something overtakes them, that feeling that neither one has without the other present. Whether they meet accidentially or on purpose, when they do, that youthful “crush” like feeling overtakes them.
The closer they brush with the danger-zone, just simply hanging out, the more they fuse together as a single unit. Each one is such a vital chemistry to the other. Each begins to feel empty when the other is not around. And, this isn’t a right or wrong type think, is somewhat of a destiny appointment, likely not a lifelong encounter but a “supposed-to-be” incident. It will determine its own life-span; IT WILL FULFILL ITSELF.
As the Bad Boy walks among us today, AND HE DOES, he is somewhat of a worthless ingredient without the majectical Princes that brings him to life, and that’s a two-way street. She’s somewhat of an inigma with her Bad Boy. As both of their eyes wander the horizon of their mystical wonderland, until they make eye-contact with their mysterious partner, their lives are simply on cruise-control. But, when they connect and then touch, the two parts become a forceful whole with which the world must contend. Try not to be on their horizon when they connect, it could throw your equaliberom off for your immediate future. It’s an unbelievable connection an unbelievable event. Powerful Stuff.
(this was written for a very special person, for you L.)
(if you like this informal examination of the topic please let me know. I would consider a further examination of the Bad Boy, further yet, possibly the Mysterious Princes. She has more control over the BB than she may think)


crystal-people.jpgcropped-patrolling.jpg Allow me to use a bit of figurative lingo to help explain my personal evaluation of life being centered as we life day-to-day. Of course, I’m a gun nut and love the thought of firing high-powered weapons. I guess that’s what a military past can do to you as in growing older(ish):) I still feel twenty-six in mind but me body says “Walk softly and rest a lot,” YUCH, EVEN DOUBLE-YUCK.
Let me get back on track: When you use a high-powered scope with a rifle and you hone-in on the target, the objective is to get the cross-hairs of the scope perfectly aligned with the target. Here’s the life-lesson – You get the cross-hairs exactly aligned with the target, yet you can see the peripheral movement; whats in the room or the terrain around the target.
In life we certainly see these things but the life-lesson is to stay purposely in tune with the exact target of your life, your dreams and visions, that deep down call that has called to you for years, YOUR DESTINY!! If we’re not careful the cross-hairs may begin to pull to the left or right. Much like having a target at a local pool and all of the beautiful ladies/gentlemen scantily clad cause your cross-hairs to drift away from your intentional target. Suddenly, you lose thought of the original target and refocus of something that simple doesn’t matter. DON’T!!
I’ve done such a thing, causing myself to feel the drift to the left or right was okay. It wasn’t. As I follow the refocus I eventually find myself focusing on things that has nothing to do with my original target. I’ve become so distracted that I’m spending my life-time completely working with void purpose and scantily-clad ideas taking up my time and energy. I even begin to read books about the refocused concept. The extra learning itself was certainly informative, but still is was about subjects I’ll likely never work with in life.
Staying focused takes persistence and patience. You formulate a fine-tuned cross-hair type lifestyle throughout a day-to-day developmental procedure. A well focused lifestyle is unconquerable, nothing can topple a life-tower build under purposeful focus. Get out you high-powered life-scope today and make sure it’s working well… even great. Then, walk into your day and dare any opposition to distract you from your destiny. Have I confused you with my figurative lingo?? If I have, GOOD. “Refocus.” Much love my friends. Fire on your enemies well focused. Have a great 2013 and prosper. WPH


Recognition is the full grown phase of perception. Usually, we perceive relative qualities regarding various situations, attitudes, etc., just before we recognize them for what they actually are. Every helicopter rotor, for instance, has its own audio DNA built into the blades as they slice through the atmosphere. A perception is made according to a sound but the complete recognition is made after the visible contact, and so it goes – with weapons, odors, nature and people. We’re quick to recognize specific attributes in others and yet deny ourselves that same right to recognize in self-analysis. Why?
Two reasons: fear and confrontation – Yet, not the type of fear we have with frightening animals on a camping trip but that subtle fear of perception which indicates something may be awry, under the surface. Is there something beneath recent thought patterns that may indicate abnormality? Does any current mood have a secret relative? I’ve known many individuals who find themselves responding according to “a mood” but never able to put their finger on any reason for that mood until they peel away many of the surface layers of day-to-day living. One reason for their moodiness may lie in incidents they’ve experienced many years ago. Strange but true! I’ve lived it; still do.
It’s easy to recognize when a friend or co-worker is tensed up or off-center, yet we feel we hide or camouflage our odd/out-of-sync behavior. We don’t! Everyone knows but us. Friends and relatives pick up the vibes we usher forth. Mine started with survivor’s guilt; you know, why them and not me? Eventually, everybody got on my nerves, leading to isolation. Then came the waterfalls; tears – buckets of tears. But I didn’t suffer from P.T.S. – I was a warrior, a man. Mental alert – hear this loud and clear: I was a basket case, a grenade with the pin already pulled and angry with the world. No one could understand; my personal “file” was most unique, a sick treasure which belonged to me only.
Finally, I exploded at a V.A. Hospital during a routine eye exam in the 80’s. Soon thereafter I realized I was suffering from post-traumatic stress. I RECOGNIZED a silent monster lingering in the corridors of that personal file filled with mental imagery of years gone by; dark, graphic, horrible snap-shots that simply wouldn’t be erased.
They say, “da-nile” (denial) is not a river in Egypt. Denial will always lead to emotional cancer or something far worse. Early “recognition” helps bring confrontation to the forefront of the individual’s life. Admit it; have a head-on collision with the truth. I suffer from P.T.S. Why should you think thousands upon thousands of other noble people serving around you and before you suffer with their dreadful dark experiences and yet, you’re exempt?
It’s not a matter of degree or percentage, or when or why; It’s a matter of fact. Reasonably examine yourself; possibly asks someone close – do you think I’ve changed since my experience overseas (or wherever)? That’s a very fair and honest question. Okay, let’s say you’re fine, no rough edges. You can still learn and be prepared for future triggers while assisting your brothers/sisters-in-arms that are suffering with their experiences. Eventually, they will need your help and the best way to be helped is to help someone else.
If you choose to ignore your probability for P.T.S. you will, in all likelihood, live to regret it; that’s the flip side. Constant regression will result in almost every facet of your life until you face the truth, and RECOGNIZE.

Anger & Guilt – A Disfunctional Family

Anger is an emotion that centers on getting control. Someone calls you an “inconsiderate idiot,” and you feel angry. Someone cuts in front of you on the freeway, and you feel angry. Someone attacks your friend, and you feel angry. Someone tells you that you will not get the pay increase you think you deserve, and you feel angry. What causes you to feel anger? What do all of these situations have in common?

Anger is caused by a perceived loss of control over factors affecting values important to us. The values in the above examples might be pride, getting someplace on time, someone you love, money, or being treated “fairly”- we are frustrated about not getting what we want or expect.

With anger, we pompously think we know what caused the problem is. We have some target(s) for our anger. It may be the person criticizing you, the person who cut you off on the freeway, someone assaults a friend, your boss, or even yourself. With anger, we may hope that a burst of energy aimed at the threat will defeat the issue causing your anger. Or we may hope that a burst of energy aimed at the proper target will break the barrier stopping us from meeting our goals.

Anger can be used constructively at times. It can give us energy we need to fight back if physically attacked. However, for most situations it merely clouds our judgment and creates extra stress. If anger prompts aggressive behavior toward other people, it can permanently harm relationships–especially with those we love. Prolonged or frequent resentment (mild anger) has been shown to be a significant cause of cardiovascular problems and heart attacks.

Let’s face it – anger is a fact of life. Our world is filled with violence, hatred, war, and aggression. Psychologically, many theories of human development focus on the infant’s struggle with anger and frustration and the primitive fantasies of aggression, guilt, and reparation that result from these feelings; don’t go there. In essence, we may be confronted with anger right from the beginning of life. The truth is, anger may be a “natural”—that is, a commonly occurring—social reaction to hurt and insult, but being natural doesn’t always make it good for us.

Guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or believes—accurately or not—that they have violated a moral standard, and that he or she is responsible for that violation  It is closely related to the concept of remorse and is one of the sure foundations for sorrow.

In psychology, as well as in ordinary language, guilt is an affective state in which one experiences conflict at having done something that one believes one should not have done (or conversely, having not done something one believes one should have done). It gives rise to a feeling which does not go away easily, driven by ‘conscience‘. In some cases, the victim may be at fault for having attracted the other person’s hostility. Guilt and its causes and effects, are common themes in psychology and psychiatry. It is often associated with anxiety, and sometimes depression. In looking for a focus of our guilt, we may misalign the “blame game” without realizing it if we move too quickly or with the wrong attitude. An analytical evaluation is best before dumping the extremely heavy load of “guilt” in the wrong direction.

Sometimes guilt can be a good thing. For example, if a person feels guilty when he harms another, he is more likely not to harm others or become too selfish in future situations. In this way, he reduces the chances of retaliation by members of his society/community, and thereby increases his survival prospects, and those of said society/community. As with any other emotion, guilt can be manipulated to control or influence others. As a highly social creature living in large groups that are relatively stable, we need ways to deal with conflicts and events in which we inadvertently or purposefully harm others. If someone causes harm to another, and then feels guilt and demonstrates regret and sorrow, the person harmed is likely to forgive. Thus, guilt opens the door to forgiveness, and helps hold the social group together, possibly binding it more tightly than before.

The Pain Clinic – CLOSURE!

IF YOU’VE READ MY BLOG, Nightmare of Turmoil – The Pain Clinic
This post is the closing page for that post. Bringing this kind of “crap” home with you, hurts… for a long time; it’s emphatically War.
I was blood-soaked from head-to-toe. A medic finally arrived and began to bandage me up. Steel was sticking through my combat boots and I wanted them off. I keep telling “whomever” it was caring for me, to take my boots off.
Although I had both eyes covered I could hear the incoming rockets and small arms fire intensifying. The concussion from the direct-hit was starting to subside somewhat and I could faintly recognize the explosions. I was moved to a bomb-crater until the Medi-Vacs could get there. I felt like I knew where the rockets were fired from and tried to tell our lieutenant but I’m sure he thought I was in shock. Finally, I heard the blessed rotor blades as the cut through the air in-bound. However, I noticed,from the sound, tha they were circling our position and wasn’t attempting to land. I screamed out at whoever was around and declared, “Why aren’t they coming in to get us?” Some voice replied, “We’re under intense heavy an assault, they’re waiting on gun-ship escort.”. There was no mistaking the Cobra’s. When they arrived the enemy hid…quick. The gunship fired a twenty millimeter cannon that fired 6000 rounds a minute; the sound was frightening, much like that of a chainsaw running at full throttle.
As the Cobras opened up I felt two GI pick me up and started to run with me. I had done this very thing many times, but never seen me being on the wounded end. I was totally blind with a broken left leg and shrapnel wounds from head to foot and I knew the VC would attempt to shot the very chopper down that I was about to be placed on. The morphine was trying to put me to sleep but I knew if I went to sleep I’d probably never wake up; I fought off the sleep.
I was finally hoisted up to the chopper deck and clipped in at the top of the rank; I knew the chopper would be full. I was now more frightened that I’d ever been while in Vietnam. As the rotor intensified in order to lift off with a full load, I cried out to anyone on board, “Did you get David?” Someone screamed back through the smell of death, gun-powder, and the noise of war, “We got what we could find.” I knew David had been hit – I had part of him in my hand when I first opened my eyes after the rocket exploded. I discovered that the RPG had hit him in the chest. It hurt!
In the years ahead, even until this very day, during a time of tranquility or a potential moment of hush while private and alone, I still hear those frightened and dying soldiers’ voices. EVERYONE was desirous to leave that meat grinder. Awaiting the chopper to finally pull itself free. That momentary hoist from the Earth thousands and thousands of choppers had made throughout the war was, for me, the most frightening moment of my life. Yet, even today, with millions of words, countless days, trips and events piled atop that September evening in Southeast Asia, those words find their way back into my mind and, like an unwelcomed intruder the Medic declared, We got what we could find. Just one simply war story. This story just happens to be mine; living in the “pain clinic.”

Stage 32

Have you ever desired to find a home for your talent, calling or dreams? Well, Stage 32 is that place; click on the link and take a mystical journey into hope and friendship from like-kind; hope for the talented heart. Do it man, CLICK.
Stage 32 may be the key that assist you in connecting with the very path you’re supposed to follow, the door you’ve awaited so long to open. Network with other writers, producers, directors, musical talent of all types. I’m so thankful I discovered Stage 32 (or did they discover me?), if for no other reason that to simply meet new friends. Along with Twitter, Facebook, and Stage 32, my electronic family is huge, a public relations heaven and a good place to learn. THE BLIND ANGEL;


August 20, 2012
(Hopefully, this article will be ongoing, look for posting dates throughout the article for cont. inserts, yet I’m a little flaky:) so we’ll see)

I recall years ago when the originally SUPERMAN movie came out. It was pretty good, at least a decent look at a superhero. Then later on another follow-up premiered, the one where Superman had a darker side that seemed to constantly battle the good version; the old white dog/black dog things. You know, the one you feed the most will become the strongest.

At the time I was single and had just finished college rooming with a buddy in Memphis, lonely and wondering about my life. I recall, even during the movie, THAT’S ME. Maybe for the first crystal clear moment in years it dawned on me that there was such an inner struggle going on within my soul/spirit.

Before I’d turned my life around in the mid 70′s (yeah, I’m ancient… deal with it:) I rode with an outlaw motorcycle gang after Vietnam. I was blown up over there and left for dead, so I guess I thought I’d just come home and stay high for five years. Duh. But, that had all been over for almost six years and I was fine, or so I thought. What was that black “superman” all caged up inside me? What did he want with me, after all?

Transitional periods are some of the toughest periods of our lives. It seems, during those times, feelings, desires, & affections we felt sure were gone & in our past, all of a sudden begin to re-appear. I had been a non-smoker for years after God turned my life around from a heavy drug abuser, drinker & smoker, right out of a very dangerous outlaw world. Setting in a restaurant one day with friends, just as I finished my meal, a very strong and intruding thought ran though my mind, so strong that my body begun to shift toward fulfilling that thought, “Man, a cigarette sure would taste good right now.” I know this is trivial compared to the heavier onslaughts we can have in transition periods, but it conveys the essence of the concept. You get it.

I certainly didn’t fulfill the thought, I’d quit smoking & didn’t want to smoke, but it’s all about how such things can re-appear after being “put-to-death” so-to-speak. I sat there at that very moment wondering why I had such an alien thought, RIGHT OUT OF THE BLUE. We all contend with white dog/black dog, with the dark Superman, whatever you want to call it. It’s at varied levels with different people. If someone uttered, “I don’t have that,” the black dog could easily be pride or denial; SOMETHING!

Many suicidal pattern are linked to this structure of mind-set. Such an overwhelming pressure assaults some very decent people. And, they usually reside to the finality pattern of simple “unplugging” themselves. Sad but true. Birthing through the transitional periods does take strength and fortitude. Generally speaking, once the so-called child of transition is birthed we’ll likely forget the pain that forced our future bright/joyous child through the birth canal & embrace our next step in life. Talking about Jesus, regarding Him being crucified the Bible declares, For the joy “set before Him” He “endured” the cross. (Hebrews 12:2; emphasis mine). Essentially, He understood the law of transition. Please know, this isn’t a sermon or the like, but what happened to Jesus then makes a marvelous point here.

The dual-nature concept, especially spiritually speaking, in layman’s terms, is easy to grasp. For the sake of “ease-to-deal-with” let’s analyse ourselves as having two natures. One nature is alway tended toward good, helping others, generosity, sacrifice for the cause & so forth. The secondary nature (which would be the primary nature in many) is always selfish oriented: self first, the never-ending “me, myself & I” routine. So, basically, as we walk through life, although we’re very good & dedicated individuals of the people, by the people & for the people, there’s a darker interest lying within us that often pulls the reins of our mind & heart toward unhealthy & improper concepts & desires.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer think of actually eating other people as a child, very likely not, or Ted Bundy, the serial killer from the recent past, ever think of the carnage he’d perform when he was a teenager? The point is that dark forces, whether you believe in true spirituality or not, pull us emotionally and psychologically toward self-destructive ends. After Vietnam I came home emotionally an old man. Because of many of my wounds I viewed myself as an ugly individual & my rebellious ways prior to the war grew much worse & I embraced a very violent lifestyle with outlaw bikers, drugs, jail & darker behavior. I very literally almost never came back to sanity. A psychologist interviewed me while I was in college in the later 70′s & her findings revealed that I had a nervous breakdown while a biker, yet I was so much lower than the standard recognition level that I never realized my “break.” One example: I realized one day at a party that I was a year older than I thought I was. I had lived so hard that I actually skipped a birthday; I completely gave-in to death, drugs & destruction. From experience I realize what it’s like to feel so-called evil tendencies perpetually tugging at you heart/mind.

The best and most advanced way, in my opinion, to fortify a single-minded walk of life is to fortify that vein of thought with goal setting, grasping a vision of your future, and journal your heart’s desire toward that end. I’ve found, as a writer, that the single best way I feel complete and most fruitful is when I’m writing. I feel so creative and excited about what I’m doing and where I feel I’m headed, even if there are detours and delays. Ultimately, I always discover that the delays, discouragements, and bumps-in-the-road were all some aspect of God’s paving my way. Heavy stuff when you truly stop and ponder it. You’ll find nuggets of growth and wisdom all underneath that paved WAY. Powerful indeed.

As a writer, public speaker, and a type of counselor to many struggling with varied issues of life I’ve discovered that my “focus” toward me goal and destiny is vastly strengthened by reading things that empower my thought process with like-minded fuel: the Scriptures, books about innate things I feel align with my destiny, historical fuel (so-to-speak). As an American Warrior I feed off of America’s past liberties and struggles, essentially because we are a freedom loving people, ready to give to others, even to die for someone’s elses cause; a most noble virtue, believe me. In spite of many less than good leaders throughout our history, we are where we are because that’s basically where we have brought ourselves by similar intake, ie. what we read, what we desire, and our goals as a nation. Our fuel, sadly enough in many instances, has been our own greed, natural lust, and pride. American pride is powerful and grand when properly formated by good leadership but wrongly portrayed is arrogant and childish. (more-to-come)
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America is most aware of the sports term sudden-death overtime. It’s the fan’s most intense moment. Someone will win before the game is over. Both teams have prepared well, the media is certainly aware of the may lay. Friends, we are soon to be in the ultimate game of our lives… The Survival of Freedom!

Absolute madmen are bending over backwards to arrest every inkling of liberty there is for the individual and the family. Do you personally have the BALLS to do anything about or will leave it to “your neighbor”? The entire Middle East is a powder keg and the fuse is already lit… we just not sure how long that fuse it yet. Time will tell, for sure.

If Americans don’t get the “crap” out of our nation, it will be America’s Waterloo. You boys in the Middle East, lookout… the little flotilla pictured below is heading your way. EXPECT SOME NOISE.