Blog the world, The Word is mightier than the Sword (at times)

If people could post enough blogs, websites, etc, would it have any affect of our culture? One would thing so. Look at the influx of garbage which filters into our homes day-in and day-out. Is it any wonder that we have so many crackpots shooting up schools, restaurants, and other public places?
That’s not to blame the device that delivers the information, It’s merely an electronic gadget. It’s merely something someone designed to assist us in “not having to get off the sofa.” GOOD JOB FOLKS! It’s what all that information does once it settles inside our brain, the think-tank of the human being. The mountain of info, concepts, ideas, and plots and procedures rumbling inside someone’s wharped think-tank is likely not to turn out so well for many within that person’s circle of friends. Scary thought.



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