Query Letter – Unfinished Business – The Legacy of Blind Angels

Been There/Done ThatUnfinished Business -The Legacy of Blind Angels, winner of best action/adventure screenplay at the Houston Worldfest International Film Festival in 2005, is a phenomenally graphic portrayal of veterans’ struggling with P.T.S.D. while engaging terrorists set to destroy America. It is also one of seven finalist in Sell-A-Script Screenplay Competition in 2011.

Our day is a day of trauma; complacency is a thing of the past. Since 9/11/01 post-traumatic stress disorder has become an alien interwoven into the DNA of mortals. Four-plus tours of duty for American warriors, with the peripheral traumatic assault of our enemies and natural disasters, P.T.S.D. has ravaged the mind and campaigning for an over-throw of mortality. However, an invincible hero looms, with facial scars from war and a leather jacket with the American flag electrifying its back, Captain America is re-born; hope for a perishing society emerges from history.

Solomon Justice and company set out on a vacation to ground zero of an upcoming anthrax attack to be launched from a freighter in the Gulf of Mexico, UNFINISHED BUSINESS. A flat tire on Bridgett Montana’s car at a Texas rest stop, saves America from terrorist hired to destroy the American economy. A revealing dossier is discovered beneath Bridget’s spare tire as the road warriors offer to assist a sultry estranged femme fatale who is on the run. The dossier changes everything and proves to be a death certificate for many.

The Americans prevail aboard the huge freighter. The Blind Angels, warriors from each American conflict since Vietnam entangle with destructive forces with a death legacy. Their deadly encounter saves America from a lethal inhalant anthrax attack.

They ultimately arrive at the Wall, the Black Eagle, their destination. Upon fulfilling a dead warrior’s dying request, as they examine themselves in the black granite mirror, their dead brothers from the darkest conflict in American history, revive. Within the memorial warriors come to life and exit their historical and mythical tomb and stand ready to engage all opposing forces; they exit as noble conquerors ready for battle.

An intrinsic hero is birthed as the world faces justice never before encountered in such a fashion. 


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