America is most aware of the sports term sudden-death overtime. It’s the fan’s most intense moment. Someone will win before the game is over. Both teams have prepared well, the media is certainly aware of the may lay. Friends, we are soon to be in the ultimate game of our lives… The Survival of Freedom!

Absolute madmen are bending over backwards to arrest every inkling of liberty there is for the individual and the family. Do you personally have the BALLS to do anything about or will leave it to “your neighbor”? The entire Middle East is a powder keg and the fuse is already lit… we just not sure how long that fuse it yet. Time will tell, for sure.

If Americans don’t get the “crap” out of our nation, it will be America’s Waterloo. You boys in the Middle East, lookout… the little flotilla pictured below is heading your way. EXPECT SOME NOISE.


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