crystal-people.jpgcropped-patrolling.jpg Allow me to use a bit of figurative lingo to help explain my personal evaluation of life being centered as we life day-to-day. Of course, I’m a gun nut and love the thought of firing high-powered weapons. I guess that’s what a military past can do to you as in growing older(ish):) I still feel twenty-six in mind but me body says “Walk softly and rest a lot,” YUCH, EVEN DOUBLE-YUCK.
Let me get back on track: When you use a high-powered scope with a rifle and you hone-in on the target, the objective is to get the cross-hairs of the scope perfectly aligned with the target. Here’s the life-lesson – You get the cross-hairs exactly aligned with the target, yet you can see the peripheral movement; whats in the room or the terrain around the target.
In life we certainly see these things but the life-lesson is to stay purposely in tune with the exact target of your life, your dreams and visions, that deep down call that has called to you for years, YOUR DESTINY!! If we’re not careful the cross-hairs may begin to pull to the left or right. Much like having a target at a local pool and all of the beautiful ladies/gentlemen scantily clad cause your cross-hairs to drift away from your intentional target. Suddenly, you lose thought of the original target and refocus of something that simple doesn’t matter. DON’T!!
I’ve done such a thing, causing myself to feel the drift to the left or right was okay. It wasn’t. As I follow the refocus I eventually find myself focusing on things that has nothing to do with my original target. I’ve become so distracted that I’m spending my life-time completely working with void purpose and scantily-clad ideas taking up my time and energy. I even begin to read books about the refocused concept. The extra learning itself was certainly informative, but still is was about subjects I’ll likely never work with in life.
Staying focused takes persistence and patience. You formulate a fine-tuned cross-hair type lifestyle throughout a day-to-day developmental procedure. A well focused lifestyle is unconquerable, nothing can topple a life-tower build under purposeful focus. Get out you high-powered life-scope today and make sure it’s working well… even great. Then, walk into your day and dare any opposition to distract you from your destiny. Have I confused you with my figurative lingo?? If I have, GOOD. “Refocus.” Much love my friends. Fire on your enemies well focused. Have a great 2013 and prosper. WPH


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