The Bad Boy Emerges, WHY?

Paul's head shots 031 There is a mythological creature with the power of connectivity like no other; the Bad Boy. Where does such a unique character emerge? Having lived in such a forum for years I can only evaluate from my distinct revelation of experience. How is such a spirit created, or is this spirit always been in the individual simply awaiting its emergence in history? Let’s get started evaluating this creature of awe and mystery.
Individually, people are raised in a variety of circumstances. Each creature is secretly looking for something. What exactly they don’t know. So they simply go about their lives. One night at a supper-club, at a nightclub or at a gathering in a particular public place, in walks the Bad Boy. Something you just can’t put your finger on, reaches out from the Bad Boy and grabs you, like a mystical hook. The evening continues as both parties go about their business. Suddenly everything changes, they’ve made “eye contact.” The hook has been set. Now what? The mystic of the Bad Boy strays from him like a low fog creeping in from the sea.
As a friend confronted me with this idea I felt challenged to reveal, as best I could, the underlying face of the Bad Boy. The Genuine Bad Boy (some try to fake it) may have a very successful lifestyle, in fact most Bad Boys have it together in the lives. There is very simply an aura that engulfs the Bad Boy, it’s not some conjured up potion of purchased charm bracelet, he truly has the Bad Boy persona, and often “knows” he has it. That knowledge is, in itself, a ticket to the danger-zone. And, usually he has an extra ticket for that special someone he probably hasn’t discovered yet. One of Bad Boy’s unusual qualities is his innate desire to brush with danger, even death. Usually, from my experience, The Bad Boy is fearless, almost nothing threatens him and he’s not easily intimidated; He’s the intimidator. Amazing as it may sound, this fearless, cool Sir:), will go out of his way to help others, generally a soft-hearted individual; his life has taught him gentleness and warmth. Crazy huh??
The Bad Boy is by no means from mythology, he’s VERY REAL.
Here’s the fascination in the mystery of the birth of Bad Boy. A cool, intelligent Lady wondering about the other side of her world. Let’s say it’s an itch in her spirit person that never needs scratching until she makes her first connection with the Bad Boy. The more intimate the two seem to become the more severe the itching becomes, IN BOTH PARTIES. Shamelessly, one could not exist without the other, seemingly. There could be no Bad Boy if not for the itching heart of the beautiful Woman. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about a DNA match. Suddenly there’s a donor; scary stuff huh. I love it!!
The beautiful Lady steps into the picture. She’s successful, well mannered with a generous heart, yet, oftentimes with a somewhat stern upbringing. She could go to the fence of excitement and see the playground but the faint echos of parental caution vibrates within her mind and she feels restrained to cross the fence into the unknown, the mysterious world of Ooow/Aaaa. Stepping away from the fence she feels a vague emptiness, an emptiness that perpetually calls to her. As her life branches out into her own flavor of living she begins to brush shoulders with the ultimate Bad Boy. The awesome, handsome gentleman with danger under one arm and mystery under the other, suddenly steps into her life. The beautiful Lady begins to blush and feel warmth all over her body, inside and out. It’s a chemistry which needs that other particular very rare ingredient to mix with the other ingedients. ELECTRIC/SHOCKING – what a combination. Both parties feel excited, fulfilled and charged-up. Thereafter, every time they meet, whether purposely or accidentially, something overtakes them, that feeling that neither one has without the other present. Whether they meet accidentially or on purpose, when they do, that youthful “crush” like feeling overtakes them.
The closer they brush with the danger-zone, just simply hanging out, the more they fuse together as a single unit. Each one is such a vital chemistry to the other. Each begins to feel empty when the other is not around. And, this isn’t a right or wrong type think, is somewhat of a destiny appointment, likely not a lifelong encounter but a “supposed-to-be” incident. It will determine its own life-span; IT WILL FULFILL ITSELF.
As the Bad Boy walks among us today, AND HE DOES, he is somewhat of a worthless ingredient without the majectical Princes that brings him to life, and that’s a two-way street. She’s somewhat of an inigma with her Bad Boy. As both of their eyes wander the horizon of their mystical wonderland, until they make eye-contact with their mysterious partner, their lives are simply on cruise-control. But, when they connect and then touch, the two parts become a forceful whole with which the world must contend. Try not to be on their horizon when they connect, it could throw your equaliberom off for your immediate future. It’s an unbelievable connection an unbelievable event. Powerful Stuff.
(this was written for a very special person, for you L.)
(if you like this informal examination of the topic please let me know. I would consider a further examination of the Bad Boy, further yet, possibly the Mysterious Princes. She has more control over the BB than she may think)


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