A Uniform Brotherhood

Always after the service, the danger, the trauma and the adrenaline rush there’s the re-entry back into the society you served. That same society can be harsh, rejecting and misunderstanding because they can’t relate to where you’ve been or what you’ve done. That’s the importance of Brotherhood. This Project

A Uniform Brotherhood

The Uniform has a voice all its own. It is said, everybody likes someone in a uniform. However, the uniform simply lying on a bed or hanging in a closet is mere cloth, buttons, ribbons, etc. Yet, when a mortal man/woman put it on it speaks volumes; it demands respect.

      Operation Recon, Inc. was formulated for a brotherhood of service personnel that wear “any” such uniform. The police officer, fireman, emergency medical, and the United States Armed Forces all have the bond of uniformity. The dedication and responsibility that comes with that uniform is overwhelming and sacrificing. Whether overseas or within our homeland the uniform is often misunderstood, even despised, traumatizing and at times requires a life.

While struggling against an armed opponent in combat or rushing into a flaming building or putting a tourniquet on a bleeding accident victim attempting to save someone’s life, you’re serving America. The police officer does it every day throughout our nation; protecting us while we dine out and vacation at the beach. What courage our uniformed soldiers have, noble people, good people. Our military protects us globally continuously and encounter horrific things. Why? They feel the need deep down within them. It’s their heart. It’s compelling!

was formulated as a memorial to our uniformed service personnel and as a tribute to those who gave everything for us. We’ll always be together as one because of the uniform!  Wear It Proudly

If you are a member of our Armed Forces, yet a non-citizen of the U.S. you are counted among our ranks.



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