Unfinished Business – The Legacy of Blind Angels


An attorney from LA, a war veteran struggling with PTSD, while on vacation with some veteran friends, unearths and foils an anthrax attack on the nation’s capital, while resurrecting dead warriors.


Terrorists, seeking to remove America from the global stage, finalize an aerial anthra attack aboard a huge freighter in the Gulf of Mexico while an attorney, Solomon Justice, a war veteran struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, leaves LA on vacation. However, a puzzling dream invades Solomon a few nights prior to his departure as he hears the words, “unfinished business” before awakening. As the attorney and fellow bikers assist a struggling mom with a flat tire at a Texas rest stop, opening her trunk causes detours of maddening proportions.

A hidden dossier and tracking device found beneath the spare tire open a parallel universe. Not realizing a “sleeper” has been amongst them all along, they ultimately board the huge freighter only to find Solomon’s daughter onboard, kidnapped by the terrorists to ensure the attorney’s assistance in freeing Napoleon, their leader. Napoleon is ultimately revealed to be Solomon’s best friend’s supposed dead brother.

The veteran bikers are forced to relive the dark past of post traumatic stress disorder as their war experiences cloud their minds and all judgment fades. Once logic becomes lost in the madness their leader, Solomon Justice, flashes back and returns to Vietnam. Ultimately, what their past war experiences had taught them proves to be their redemption.

The huge freighter, Unfinished Business, becomes filled with death as the forces of good encounter the darker side of humanity.  Mystery is redefined as the Wall, comes to life as the door to a parallel universe is unexpectedly opened. Justice is full of surprises.
Unfinished Business – The Legacy of Blind Angels (Registered WGAw No. 1411856) (©) is the winner of the Bronze Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for best screenplay in the action/adventure category, 2005. This screenplay is also a “finalist” in 2010 SellAScript Screenwriting Competition. This story was birthed as a direct result 9/11/01; based on actual events.

Bio: Captain America!

I am a published author and founder/director of an advanced workshop program newly developed to assist those suffering from PTSD, Project Recon. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran and developed the eighty-five page workbook personally. I’ve been in public relations and a motivational speaker for over twenty-five years; I have been a drug abuse counselor in Juvenile Justice and served as Associate Director and lectured on drug and alcohol abuse, eschatology, and the Vietnam War.

This screenplay is about me experientially; I am the original Blind Angel. There is also a screenplay about my life, entitled – The Blind Angel, by another screenwriter. I have the first act of the sequel to Unfinished Business, entitled – Direct Hit – The Aftermath. It opens with the terrorist, Napoleon, seeking revenge on Solomon Justice.  It is explosive!

W. Paul Hughes
Yuba City, CA 95993


3 comments on “Unfinished Business – The Legacy of Blind Angels

  1. Hey Paul, I really like this site. It’s awesome! I still think you should turn it into a book. I’d buy a whole lot of them and give out if you did. But you know I’d go see the movie as well. Take care my brother. The fight continues. I have another session today at the VA.

  2. Congrats Cousin,
    I’ve published medical research articles, but not anything as great as this seems to be. Good work and can’t wait to see it! God is doing great things with you!!!

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